“If we can make other people happy, that is what I call happiness”
– Nicholas Purnama, CEO & Founder

Newest Project

Client: South Hills

Location: Kuningan, Central Jakarta

Service: Building ID, Hanging Sign, Room Direction, Level ID, Room Number, Locker Room, Mail Box, Assembly Point, etc.

Material: Galvanized Steel, Etsa Acid, Stainless Plate, Acrylic, Sticker Cutting, LED Samsung, Duco Painting, Galvanized Pipe

Year: 2019

Hotel, Apartment, and Residence

Client: Harris & Pop

Location: Solo and Semarang

Service: Totem, Building ID, Sculpture

Material: Galvanized Steel, Acrylic

Year: 2017

Client: Yello Hotel

Location: Semarang

Service: Building ID, Entrance Landscape

Material: Galvanized Steel, Acrylic

Year: 2017

Client: Zuri Express

Location: Mangga Dua, Jakarta

Service: Building ID

Material: Galvanized Steel, Acrylic

Year: 2014

Department Store and Retail

Client: Sogo

Location: Emporium, Jakarta

Service: Indoor Signage

Material: Stainless Steel Mirror, Acrylic, LED Lamp

Year: 2019

Sky Signage

Client: Citi

Location: R A Kartini Kav 8, South Jakarta

Service: Sky Signage

Material: Galvanized Steel, LED Tridonic

Year: 2016

And many, many more

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